Ioana Roxana Bob


Ioana brings with her over 5 years of international experience in consulting. Whether consulting in Management, Technology or Business, she has had flavours of them all. She had the opportunity to work across industries (Telco, Products, Social) and learned the importance of building on transferable & universally applicable skills and customizing them for various needs. This appealed to her problem-solving nature. Previous to that, she was the Lead Coordinator of an NGO throughout college years, growing her decision-making skills in various areas.

Although her professional background is in IT, it did not prevent from bringing her Design Thinking knowledge & Agile mindset into her approach, eager to apply them in other areas for more creative & innovative results. Building on her experience of world travel, meeting new cultures and being herself taken outside her comfort zone, she learned how to communicate and empathize with people. What motivates her is being able to work with and for people.

Ioana Roxana Bob


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